Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another WIP and a small selection of completed items.

Funny, since I have become so involved in working on The Earth Gatherers I have pushed another WIP that I should be giving some attention too, out of my mind.  Already I have broken a New Year's Resolution, that's bad considering it is only late January, oh well.  This is an item in Hardanger which is a class piece from last year.
Class?, I have been a member of our local Embroidery Group for over 12yrs. I enjoy my twice monthly meetings very much and have been so fortunate over the years to have taken part in some wonderful classes with fantastic Tutors. Some of the different techniques I have enjoyed learning are Silk Ribbon Embroidery, Trapunto, Crewel Work, Hardanger, Wool embroidery, Deerfield, Wessex Stitchery, Drawn and Pulled Linen work just to name a few.

Every three years we hold an Exhibition and I can say it is stunning. Our group has over 200 members and when you see the combined work of three years on display it is like an Aladdin's Cave full of treasure.

I opened a drawer yesterday and there was the Hardanger project waiting for attention along with past finishes that are waiting to be framed or turned into something but at the moment I am not sure what that will be.

As you can see, I have more Shepherd's bush designs that I have completed. I have also gathered a collection of needle rolls and have featured a selection here. I have others that have been completed over the years and  I will post those another time. The small pansy and crocus designs are from a Jane Greenoff magazine from  several years ago and are delightful designs, very handy for cards.  I have also just remembered another WIP, oh dear, looks like a very busy year ahead.


Elfie said...

I loved seeing the pics of your work. Your embroidery group sounds great,

Анна - Зонт said...

Thank you very much for your kind comments in my blog. I was very pleased.
I really liked the design of your friend, it's wonderfully sweet! What a pity that couldn't find other designs, which she has developed.
I'm originally Russian from Moscow, but already 10 years I live in Finland.
This is amazing as embroidery and the Internet connect people from all over the world!
Thank you and June Godwin! And the best wishes!!!!