Thursday, January 20, 2011

Earth Gatherers Progress.

Between last night and tonight I have managed  a little surge ahead with The Earth Gatherer. Not as much as I had hoped for but after bathing and grooming a very messy little Bischon Frise (Miss Molly), I was a little worn out.
  Molly has developed the habit of walking under the Plumbago bush in the back garden, which is not at all compatible with her curly coat.  She looks so sweet when she first comes inside with blue flowers scattered around her body and on her feet and occasionally on top of her head. Then when you try to remove any flowers, you would think that they had been stuck on with glue as they are very sticky. So with the Plumbago and scratching around in the garden, it was time for a bath and a beauty treatment.
I did manage to see Oprah's second T.V. show of her visit to Australia and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope everyone across the world who has the chance of having a vacation takes our wonderful country into consideration as a holiday destination.  Tomorrow night's episode will show part of my local surrounds which are the vineyards in the Hunter Valley.  Mmm, Sauvignon Blanc, or a Chardonnay.
No, I must be good and do a little more stitching before I am off to rest my weary self. Molly is already snuggled up in her bed, I think the walk she had with DH and her beauty/spa treatment have worn her out as well.


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Elfie said...

Sounds like we're almost neighbours, Susie - I'm also from the Hunter Valley, but I live near the coast. I'm also enjoying the Oprah shows - such a shame that they happen to be airing when half the country is either flooding or burning! Hasd to smile when I read about Miss Molly's garden adventures - I lost my Bichon last year, but I know just what you're going through with that grooming!