Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An up Date on The Earth Gatherers.

For the past few days I have been sitting at my desk where I have all of my embroidery supplies at hand and working on The Earth Gatherers. This is the third of the group of Gatherers by Shepherds Bush that I have worked on with The Herb Gatherer been the first, then I completed The Wool Gatherer in 2009.  Both are photographed and sitting in my flickr account. I haven't worked out the how-toos of transferring the pics across yet. It would probably be easier to just take another pic and post it here. I still have my blogger L plates on.
Today I went on a little shopping trip to the town's largest craft shop which is about 5 klms from home with the intention of purchasing a blouse pattern. But me, been me, came home with  three patterns and two lengths of fabric. Well, it is more cost effective to make your own clothes (that's what I told DH) plus patterns and fabric are on sale. The light was not very good for a pic late this afternoon so hopefully I will show you when I can. If you never hear of the Ivory and Black floral Poplin fabric mentioned again, you will know that it turned into a flop instead of the blouse I am hoping for.
Now back to The Earth Gatherers, I have finished the whole of the surrounding vine, even the back stitch. This  is not something I usually do but I felt I was out by 2 stitches on the right side. After several counting checks and feeling  as though I was wasting so much time, the back stitched trailing vine was a useful way to see if  I had made any slip-ups, which I hadn't. So now onto the dear little boy figure on the left side. Beautiful shades of blue, such peaceful colors. Do you have a favorite embroidery thread shade?

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