Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another WIP and a small selection of completed items.

Funny, since I have become so involved in working on The Earth Gatherers I have pushed another WIP that I should be giving some attention too, out of my mind.  Already I have broken a New Year's Resolution, that's bad considering it is only late January, oh well.  This is an item in Hardanger which is a class piece from last year.
Class?, I have been a member of our local Embroidery Group for over 12yrs. I enjoy my twice monthly meetings very much and have been so fortunate over the years to have taken part in some wonderful classes with fantastic Tutors. Some of the different techniques I have enjoyed learning are Silk Ribbon Embroidery, Trapunto, Crewel Work, Hardanger, Wool embroidery, Deerfield, Wessex Stitchery, Drawn and Pulled Linen work just to name a few.

Every three years we hold an Exhibition and I can say it is stunning. Our group has over 200 members and when you see the combined work of three years on display it is like an Aladdin's Cave full of treasure.

I opened a drawer yesterday and there was the Hardanger project waiting for attention along with past finishes that are waiting to be framed or turned into something but at the moment I am not sure what that will be.

As you can see, I have more Shepherd's bush designs that I have completed. I have also gathered a collection of needle rolls and have featured a selection here. I have others that have been completed over the years and  I will post those another time. The small pansy and crocus designs are from a Jane Greenoff magazine from  several years ago and are delightful designs, very handy for cards.  I have also just remembered another WIP, oh dear, looks like a very busy year ahead.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Earth Gathering.

More Earth Gathering, that sounds like a good name for a Gardening blog but this is about Cross-Stitch . I am still working on The Earth Gatherers and have now started the bottom of the coat which is in a lovely shade of pink. I think it is color that first attracted me to Shepherds Bush designs and then the very sweet subject matter.  Who would not like delicate floral motifs and gentle sheep along with the sweetest little rotund figures wearing beautiful patchwork inspired  clothing. Then to complete these designs, there are beautiful charms to add as embellishment.  I have managed to complete  more on this section between some sewing, shopping, gardening and dog wrangling.
I have also been looking after some house-management items for my friend visiting her daughter in New Zealand who gave  birth last week to a beautiful baby girl.  She is such a dear little sweetie, she has been named Gabriella.  My friend once lamented she might never have grandchildren but now has two after her younger daughter had a lovely baby boy last October.  Needless to say I know a very happy grandmother and am looking forward to her return to hear about the latest addition.
Today is Australia Day, which is a country wide public holiday. We are by tradition suppose to have a BBQ of  Lamb Chops and Sausages or visit the closest beach but the temperature is climbing towards 40c and I think it might be an afternoon of stitching with the Air-conditioner for company. So, HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY, the country we love so much.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Earth Gatherers Progress.

Between last night and tonight I have managed  a little surge ahead with The Earth Gatherer. Not as much as I had hoped for but after bathing and grooming a very messy little Bischon Frise (Miss Molly), I was a little worn out.
  Molly has developed the habit of walking under the Plumbago bush in the back garden, which is not at all compatible with her curly coat.  She looks so sweet when she first comes inside with blue flowers scattered around her body and on her feet and occasionally on top of her head. Then when you try to remove any flowers, you would think that they had been stuck on with glue as they are very sticky. So with the Plumbago and scratching around in the garden, it was time for a bath and a beauty treatment.
I did manage to see Oprah's second T.V. show of her visit to Australia and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope everyone across the world who has the chance of having a vacation takes our wonderful country into consideration as a holiday destination.  Tomorrow night's episode will show part of my local surrounds which are the vineyards in the Hunter Valley.  Mmm, Sauvignon Blanc, or a Chardonnay.
No, I must be good and do a little more stitching before I am off to rest my weary self. Molly is already snuggled up in her bed, I think the walk she had with DH and her beauty/spa treatment have worn her out as well.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An up Date on The Earth Gatherers.

For the past few days I have been sitting at my desk where I have all of my embroidery supplies at hand and working on The Earth Gatherers. This is the third of the group of Gatherers by Shepherds Bush that I have worked on with The Herb Gatherer been the first, then I completed The Wool Gatherer in 2009.  Both are photographed and sitting in my flickr account. I haven't worked out the how-toos of transferring the pics across yet. It would probably be easier to just take another pic and post it here. I still have my blogger L plates on.
Today I went on a little shopping trip to the town's largest craft shop which is about 5 klms from home with the intention of purchasing a blouse pattern. But me, been me, came home with  three patterns and two lengths of fabric. Well, it is more cost effective to make your own clothes (that's what I told DH) plus patterns and fabric are on sale. The light was not very good for a pic late this afternoon so hopefully I will show you when I can. If you never hear of the Ivory and Black floral Poplin fabric mentioned again, you will know that it turned into a flop instead of the blouse I am hoping for.
Now back to The Earth Gatherers, I have finished the whole of the surrounding vine, even the back stitch. This  is not something I usually do but I felt I was out by 2 stitches on the right side. After several counting checks and feeling  as though I was wasting so much time, the back stitched trailing vine was a useful way to see if  I had made any slip-ups, which I hadn't. So now onto the dear little boy figure on the left side. Beautiful shades of blue, such peaceful colors. Do you have a favorite embroidery thread shade?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A new week.

Monday, the start of a new week and I thought I would show a few pictures to cheer you and myself as we have had so much devastation in our country recently. Roses from my friends garden and Hippeastrums(Amaryllis) from mine, enough to make anyone smile. Now, back to more stitching on The Earth Gatherers. I will show you an update next time.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tardy Blogger

I must apologize for been  tardy. I  did not mean to be so late with an update but I have been busy working on a UFO from last year.  It is The Earth Gatherers by Shepherds Bush, and I am enjoying this very much and can't wait to finish.  It will then hang with my Herb Gatherer and Wool Gatherer which I completed in 2009. Will post pictures soon.
The other thing I have been doing intently for the past few days is watching the flood reports from Queensland.
So many people have been affected badly by the floods. To everybody that has volunteered  help in any way and that includes S.E.S, Police and Ambulance personnel, bless you for everything  you do and the risque that is taken when saving lives. Your bravery in such  perilous flood conditions is commendable.  I feel for everyone that has been devastated by these floods as my family was in the same situation in the Hunter Valley, N.S.W. in '55.  My mother never really recovered from loosing her home then, photographs in particular became very precious to our family.  So next time you take a photograph of a loved one, share it with family and friends so that a copy is always available.
May there be sunshine soon for those who desperately need some dry weather.