Monday, January 10, 2011

Tardy Blogger

I must apologize for been  tardy. I  did not mean to be so late with an update but I have been busy working on a UFO from last year.  It is The Earth Gatherers by Shepherds Bush, and I am enjoying this very much and can't wait to finish.  It will then hang with my Herb Gatherer and Wool Gatherer which I completed in 2009. Will post pictures soon.
The other thing I have been doing intently for the past few days is watching the flood reports from Queensland.
So many people have been affected badly by the floods. To everybody that has volunteered  help in any way and that includes S.E.S, Police and Ambulance personnel, bless you for everything  you do and the risque that is taken when saving lives. Your bravery in such  perilous flood conditions is commendable.  I feel for everyone that has been devastated by these floods as my family was in the same situation in the Hunter Valley, N.S.W. in '55.  My mother never really recovered from loosing her home then, photographs in particular became very precious to our family.  So next time you take a photograph of a loved one, share it with family and friends so that a copy is always available.
May there be sunshine soon for those who desperately need some dry weather.

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