Friday, March 18, 2011

Hooked on Applique.

As your can see I have been working on the Applique block from the last post.  Please excuse the wrinkles but I have held this in my hand on and off all day as I start to apply the teeny tiny flowers. These are suppose to be Lilac blossom. Do you like the color?  I had a lot of fun going through my fabric stash to choose the right shade. I am enjoying this immensely and even though these flowers are so small, I think they look very effective when applied as a spray of Lilac.  The leaves have been attached with needle turn applique then the center vein  embroidered. The bow has also been embroidered with French Knots along the edge.
Now I should confess that The Earth Gatherers are having a little rest while I have been busy with the Applique block. I will return to it over the weekend when I have attached all  the Lilac flowers.

Now a confession. At times I have been tempted to look at Ebay, particularly the porcelain/china/glass section. Yes, I have even given in to the temptation. When I saw this sweet little cup and saucer, I had to place a bid and found that I was the lucky winner. It was only a few dollars, the postage cost more as it came from England. But I had to have it, I think it will be wonderful inspiration for an embroidery design. However, this will have to wait until I have completed The Earth Gatherers. Here is the saucer pictured under neath.
Do you think the design would be worthwhile embroidering? I love the Rose Topiary and Hollyhocks.
I would love to know what you think about it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Favorite Things.

Another busy week here at Silver Needle and Threads and my camera battery was flat when I was about to photograph my latest update on The Earth Gatherers and my Applique class.
So I have sorted through some pictures taken during the last 12 months. The first is of the Applique Baltimore Quilt class that I took several years ago which I am making plans to have machine quilted. This was not what I had originally wanted to do with this quilt but, my Arthritis affected fingers will no longer allow me to hand quilt.
Yes, I am now involved with the same wonderful tutor and redoing  a smaller class of the same design. This can be a small quilt suitable for hanging on the wall or can be made into cushions.I really have enjoyed the whole process of dimensional applique.

The second picture is of some wonderful Hydrangeas that I have growing in a pot, under the shade of a large Camellia. They are the most wonderful shade of pink but changed to this beautiful green as they aged. They survived indoors for almost a month. I feel so at peace when I am near a garden or simply a vase of flowers.

Then we have Molly. She is pictured here after a bath. She really is the dearest little Bischon Frise who came into our lives last year.  She was a rescue dog and we are very grateful for having her as part of our family.
She joined our family three weeks after my dear Miffy passed away after almost 15 years of devoted companionship. He was the first Bischon that I had ever known and has made me a dedicated  Bischon follower forever.
So there we are, some of my favorite things.
Now, a few stitches before lights out.