Friday, March 18, 2011

Hooked on Applique.

As your can see I have been working on the Applique block from the last post.  Please excuse the wrinkles but I have held this in my hand on and off all day as I start to apply the teeny tiny flowers. These are suppose to be Lilac blossom. Do you like the color?  I had a lot of fun going through my fabric stash to choose the right shade. I am enjoying this immensely and even though these flowers are so small, I think they look very effective when applied as a spray of Lilac.  The leaves have been attached with needle turn applique then the center vein  embroidered. The bow has also been embroidered with French Knots along the edge.
Now I should confess that The Earth Gatherers are having a little rest while I have been busy with the Applique block. I will return to it over the weekend when I have attached all  the Lilac flowers.

Now a confession. At times I have been tempted to look at Ebay, particularly the porcelain/china/glass section. Yes, I have even given in to the temptation. When I saw this sweet little cup and saucer, I had to place a bid and found that I was the lucky winner. It was only a few dollars, the postage cost more as it came from England. But I had to have it, I think it will be wonderful inspiration for an embroidery design. However, this will have to wait until I have completed The Earth Gatherers. Here is the saucer pictured under neath.
Do you think the design would be worthwhile embroidering? I love the Rose Topiary and Hollyhocks.
I would love to know what you think about it.


Elfie said...

Your applique block is coming along beautifully. It is already looking pretty; when it is finished it will be quite special. I do like your new cup and saucer. The design is lovely, and I like your idea of adapting the design for an embroidery project. It should be an interesting and rewarding challenge.

Claudia said...

Your applique work is lovely! I've done a lot of quilting, but have never had the guts to try applique!

I absolutely understand why you had to have that cup and saucer. I really love the design.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!