Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Update.

I have been absent for a while and my excuse is that I have been a little busy with this cross stitch project and the class I am involved with at my embroidery group. Please note the addition of the second Gatherer. He is so cute, dressed in DMC 926 and 927 with touches of 224, 3012 & 712 and some beads.
The class is Needle-turn Applique. I have not stitched anything yet, worthy of a picture. However, when I have, it will certainly make an appearance here. I had taken some lovely fabric to class with me and then decided to change the colour I had chosen for stems. So a trip to our local patchwork shop tomorrow. Whoohoo.
I am also going to gift myself a new Rotary Cutter as the locking mechanism has broken on my 8yr. old cutter. Is that a normal life for a Rotary Cutter? Anyway, I should buy one for the sake of safety, but which one is the question.
I am still working on The Earth Gatherers, not that I have done much tonight as my hands are a little stiff after clipping and weeding the front garden after dinner.  We have had some wonderful rain these past few day's with more predicted tonight. The left over weeds should be a little easier to remove tomorrow and then we will be able top up the mulch.
Well, I think it is time for a lovely cup of Lady Grey tea and may be a few stitches, before calling it a night.

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Elfie said...

Earth gatherer is growing beautifully. Such a pretty design.
I love iss Molly's photo. Every time I see it I think of my Ellie who we lost a year ago now. She was the spitting image of your Miss Molly.