Sunday, January 8, 2012

Biscornu and Birds

I hope to have a finish later tomorrow after a recent bought of illness kept me from my stitching. I have had a plan and not a New Year's resolution (because we all know what happens to those) to make myself a Christmas decoration each year until I fall off the twig. So for Christmas 2011, I thought I would also attempt my first Biscornu.
I  chose Just Nan's Christmas Biscornu which is also very sparkly with the addition of beads and gold thread. I have enjoyed stitching this design so much,  I hope I stitch it together without messing it up!

 I have embroidered 2012 on it, maybe I should have also put 2011. Anyway, tomorrow I hope to be able to do a happy dance with my first finish for this year.
 Also, this morning we were awakened with the sound of some very noisy birds in the Jacaranda tree in our neighbour's yard.
I thought great, they are back but maybe a little early this year. These are Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo's.
We had a flock of around 10 - 12 with several family groups with their young. They are a large bird, around 26 inches in length. They are very noisy but so interesting to watch. Miss Molly was warned to stay inside though I am sure she was safe. Black Cockatoo's eat seeds, green pine cones and moth grubs, not Bischons. lol

It really is wonderful to see that they have adapted to suburbia, as the suburb we live in does have some very old and large trees, just the type of perch they enjoy. After around 10 - 15 minutes they were off flying, they have a wide wing span. I wonder if they will be back tomorrow?

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