Monday, December 27, 2010

I am driving this blog with out a licence. SOME BODY, HELP!!!

Well, someone said a few month's ago that I should have a blog, and here it is! I don't know if that was a compliment, or do they think I have a lot to say. Mmmmm, only time will tell. Will you let me know that you visited? Time will also reveal that as well. I have really taken on a serious (and I try not to be very often) commitment and I hope that I will not let you down, I promise to tell you about my stitching, quilting, weed removal, cooking, gardening, weed removal, stitching, reading, interior decorating, stitching, challenges of dog bathing (I have scars) and occasional family snippets, oh, and stitching. You now have the general idea of how my mind works, and that I also spend a lot (hours) of time perusing other peoples blogs which I have found was taking me away from my stitching time, but I have solved that problem by going to bed  in the wee small hours, I  have  bags under my eyes as a badge of honour from lack of sleep. Now, where are those size 26 needles?

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